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About the band

Beckon the Blues has been playing blues tunes together since 2011. They formed out of their immense enjoyment and love of guitar-driven, soul-searchin’ rhythm and blues from different eras stretching over 70 years. The band has been playing cover tunes together for over 8 years together, but 3 years ago they decided to focus solely on the blues, with both original and cover tunes to round out their set. In November 2013, Beckon the Blues debuted their first show in Portland and they have been entertaining the blues lovers at local shows ever since.

Each band member brings their own long history in the music industry. Chelle has been performing in various genres in the Portland area for over 20 years, and has become known for her soulful style and powerful vocals. She has been greatly influenced by her childhood church (Maranatha in NE Portland) and popular singers such as Mahalia Jackson and Etta James. Christian Perales has a deep appreciation for the early blues of the 20th century. His bass playing reflects the steady, understated bass riffs of that era. Ken Price, the newest member of the band, brings his expertise on the Hammond organ, piano and back-up vocals. Ken’s years spent playing & recording around Philly, Washington DC and NYC are at the root of his lifelong love of soul, blues and R&B, which adds to the dimension of the band’s sound. Jim Ruff has played the drums since he was a teen ager in Chicago, playing professionally in Rock and Roll and blues groups on the East Coast and Midwest. His experience behind the kit shows when he plays, never missing a beat, even when he sings back up! Chris Toole has been playing since the 60s and covers rhythm guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, and back-up vocals. He is the predominant song writer for the band, and has a great love for all types of blues and jazz. Jake Wilson takes full charge of lead guitar and is never one to turn down an opportunity to wail. His finger-blistering leads stem from a wide range of blues influences of Texas Blues, Delta Blues and good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

Without a doubt, Beckon the Blues is a force to reckon with and a guaranteed good time!

Chelle Beck

Jacob Wilson

Chris Toole
Ken Price
Christian Perales
Jim Ruff